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Little Tiny Spircle

Are you ready to test your dexterity and have fun in one of the most interesting and diverse action games out there? Then Little Tiny Spircle is the right game for you! With this game, you will be able to boost your concentration and test your abilities as you move the tiny spircle towards the middle of the game world.

It’s Fun!

The road is perilous and full of dangers. This is a great dexterity game and funny arcade game focused on the idea of bringing you a fun game mechanic and one that does provide you with a great sense of fun.

Challenge yourself!

As you play Little Tiny Spircle, you will see that the gameplay is simple. Tap and hold to move the spircle towards the middle. Once you start going to the middle, you will have to be careful not to hit any spinning border. You will also have to get all the 3 stars in each level. It may seem impossible, but you can gather all the stars. You just have to take your time and focus!

We are Spircle!

Little Tiny Spircle also has a multitude of spircle characters and you can collect as well as unlock all of them if you want. So, what are you waiting for? Test your dexterity and reaction time, only with Little Tiny Spircle!